TLB “pushes boundaries” says Valley Advocate

With our preview performance just hours away, we were delighted to see this great write up from Arts Editor Hunter Styles of the Valley Advocate! With all of the struggles we face trying to find viable space for making and showing dance in this area, it’s great to have found this opportunity in Easthampton, and to have the support of the Valley Advocate in reaching new audiences. Read his article by clicking below:

Diving Belles by Hunter Styles


Site Specific Gallery Installation


Easthampton is a town known for embracing the arts, fostering growth and opportunities that other communities do not. I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of the Mill Arts Project.

Over the next 6 days I will be pouring sweat, hopefully not blood or tears, into this space as I transform it into an exhibition larger than anything I’ve ever produced.

Unlike most exhibitions, where in the past I would walk in and hang the work, most of what I will be doing is building the entire exhibition within the space. Having the ability utilize the space, I’ve decided to treat it as a site specific project in addition to the work that will be hung. Over the course of this coming week you will find me editing, cutting, printing, and hanging the work within the space. Feel free to stop in for a visit.



EAT- a crowdfunding competition

The Bod(ies) have been selected to compete in a great competition, sponsored by the Easthampton Arts Trust.  EAT is a crowdfunding cocktail party that introduces the community to four arts projects looking for funding in Easthampton, MA. TLB hopes that a WIN at EAT will help the team to cover production costs for a 3-month residency at Art Walk Easthampton.  Throughout the summer, the bod(ies) will present performances and gallery exhibits surrounding our newest project, ‘Undrowning’, which will premier in October.

Learn more about the event, and how you can attend and support TLB, by following the link below!

EAT is Coming to Eastworks on May 19th


Let it flow.

Jeff and I had a conversation three years ago. I told him about a piece of choreography I wanted to create, where a dancer navigates her life, the comings and goings of people who influence her, and the forces which act upon her. I explained to him that for the dancer, the timeline is linear, she is headed toward a destination.  But, there sometimes comes a question:

“What if for one moment, we could slow time-even stop it- and bring back people for another conversation?”

We went back and forth, discussing this idea, determining what it would look like.

time lapse video of ‘life’ moving quickly to juxtapose the slower performance

people re-emerging (from where? how?)

where is this linear journey

a road     a forest          an empty space?


a DOCK (long walk off a short pier? ha.)

people drown, come back dry


people…drown?   what does water have to do with this?

we can tell stories with water.

we can express the human condition, with water as a metaphor


One simple idea, one short pier, one video camera.  That’s where we begin. With a stream of consciousness, babbling about water and movement and time and loss and rebirth and discovery, we begin.