Let it flow.

Jeff and I had a conversation three years ago. I told him about a piece of choreography I wanted to create, where a dancer navigates her life, the comings and goings of people who influence her, and the forces which act upon her. I explained to him that for the dancer, the timeline is linear, she is headed toward a destination.  But, there sometimes comes a question:

“What if for one moment, we could slow time-even stop it- and bring back people for another conversation?”

We went back and forth, discussing this idea, determining what it would look like.

time lapse video of ‘life’ moving quickly to juxtapose the slower performance

people re-emerging (from where? how?)

where is this linear journey

a road     a forest          an empty space?


a DOCK (long walk off a short pier? ha.)

people drown, come back dry


people…drown?   what does water have to do with this?

we can tell stories with water.

we can express the human condition, with water as a metaphor


One simple idea, one short pier, one video camera.  That’s where we begin. With a stream of consciousness, babbling about water and movement and time and loss and rebirth and discovery, we begin.